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Whether 1 Can water pump for 2 houses?

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How to fix the automatic switch water tank/toren

Probably due to the keeempat of the article then the question "Whether 1 Can water pump for 2 homes?" goes into this blog. Well done base-basinya ... now we discuss these questions.

Electric water pump that is commonly used in homes is to suck up water from the ground suck/either through dig wells or to drill wells for the use of private or for a home may not be a problem, but what if we want a pump that resides in the same well used to two houses?

In my opinion, when using one pump, one electric and used for two home then it doesn't become a problem, maybe the problem is the water flow settings are transmitted to the two outputs by using the tap.

But what if we have one pump, one well but electricity differently? Take the example of when we will share the water with the House next to the separate electrical meter, in this case to note is some things below:

When one House is not irrigated by pumps powering electricity sourced from her home then the whole faucet home must be in the closed state.
To facilitate the operation, use the slide switch that can move the position of the electricity that goes into the pump, so when the switch is moved to one of the power source one home then power source from home that would otherwise be lost.
When using the sliding switch is not possible, then you can set up two pieces of electrical outlet from each House (marked) cable from the machine, then install the plug. so when one of the home will light the water stayed put the plug into the outlet pump hers

Thus the article about "Whether 1 Can water pump for 2 homes?". With the way the above then separate electricity use according to who's turned it on.

The Trade Ministry Stated the loom band Xing Long containing hazardous materials

Loom is a small rubber band colorful kitchen set malang which can be assembled into a variety of accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. This accessory much favored by children and teenagers, But it turns out that this accessory contains hazardous materials.

The Director General of the standardization and consumer protection Ministry of trade, Widodo said the fact the band loom products classified as accessories, costume jewelry, but in the field the product is considered to be children's toys because of the packaging that is colorful.

One of the brand i.e. Xing Long including. The Ministry of Commerce expressed the band loom accessories brand Xing Long contains ingredients harmful phthalate levels above the limit requirement so that it should be withdrawn from the market.

As reported by the of the loom band branded Accessories, Xing Long made of Phtalate, Phtalate is compounds that make plastic pliable, maximum levels of 0.1 per cent but in Xing Long simply applied 25.3154 percent, exceeding the threshold. So says Director General Standardization and consumer protection Ministry of Commerce Widodo at the Jakarta, Friday.

Band Loom materials containing Phtalate exposed to human body be bad for health, of which can impair the function and reproductive development, causes of cancer payud4ra, testicular cancer, autism and reduced sperm production, interfere with the function of the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, the formation of red blood cells as well as function and brain development.

Widodo menagatakan, the Ministry of Commerce had examined the eleven brands loom band consisting of accessories and rubber. Here are ten other brands that qualify the Trade Ministry laboratory tests:

Colourfull Loomband,
Colourfull endless flexible
Loomband Strawberries,
Monstertail rainbow loom,
Rainbow loom endless flexible,
Rainbow loom,
Rainbow loom by Choons Designs,
One product with the brand in China.

With the results obtained is expected the old orsng more selective against diverse accessory worn by his daughter's son.

Previous studies found that the band Loom accessories turned out to be a trigger for cancer. The results of tests conducted by the British Assay Office to see the purity of the substance, discovered that the entire band loom products contain harmful chemicals

Again, Dinnerware Enamel So Favorites

Illustration, enamel Cups, [gb. Kaskus]
At the international exhibition of household appliances and gifts Zuchex in Jakarta on Friday 14/11/14, Dinnerware made of enamel which in the past was once popular now back with modification of colors and a favorite of the buyer.

According to Sales and Marketing Support Kedaung, Founda Anasita, Dinnerware made from enamel was produced from the beginning of 1969, but this year it was issued again with a bright and bold colorful without changing the shape of the product packed itself.

The price offered for products made from enamel Dinnerware. Bowls, cups, place the rice pot is sold at a price between Rp50 thousand to Rp80 thousand.

Operational Manager explains Novianti Laili Kedaung Dinnerware enamel material is secure, not easily broken, not easily eroded and its not easily wear off.

In addition this Enamel is also good for boiling herbal medication and meals, because bahanya are not easily eroded.

Kedaung household tools company is already 45 years old and have been exporting Dinnerware to 132 countries. In addition to selling Dinnerware made from enamel, Kedaung also sells Dinnerware made of porcelain and beling.

How, you terarik with this type of Dinnerware made from enamel? (Source: between)

An easy way to peel and chop Garlic, Coconuts, Bananas and watermelons,

On impressions that described ways of cutting, peeling, some fruit for us sometimes is difficult. But after seeing the footage turned out to be a lot of ease if we know the trick. Here are some ways to peel and cut a buahan.

1. Peel the garlic without the knife

One seasoning Cook is widely used by mothers to add to the flavour of the dish. But sometimes we're lazy to peel his skin. To mengupasnya is easy, prepare 2 container such as a plastic made from either Bowl or metal/Tin. Then insert a few cloves of garlic into a bowl and cover with the other bowls. hold a second Bowl with two hands with a meeting and then shake-shake. So then with automatic skin onions will be chipped by itself

2. Peel a coconut shell without a machete
Coconut shell
Sometimes we are faced with a coconut fruit still attached to the skin batoknya, and usually the mothers living hand over this issue on the husband for peeled using a machete, when you've read this article then there is no longer a machete to peel the coconut shell. Did you know that Peel the coconut shell is easy? without golokpun can. First you have to prepare coconuts that already there is not sabutnya, then enter the coconut into the Freezer refrigerator that is usual for making ice, then let sit for 12 hours. Then remove it from the fridge, grab a hammer/mallet from coconut shells with a hammer, magic coconut shells will be detached from the flesh of the coconut fruit easily.

3. Cut the bananas without cutting her skin

Did you know that we can cut up the fruit ripe banana without Peel and cut off the Peel?

Banana susuSuatu moment you might need botongan bananas to make certain preparations, to do it is very easy, you only need a needle for hygienic melakukannnya.

First prepare a clean needle (can with soaking in hot water or alk0hol). then tusukkan into the skin of bananas. Move the needle to the transverse direction, do to some points as you need. Open the banana peels, then meat bananas will look already cuts.

4. Cut a few tomatoes into two parts in the same time.

Tomato fruit
To cut the tomatoes into two parts is not difficult. Prepare the dishes on the table then put some tomatoes on it. Cover with another plate, and then slice a tomato by inserting a sharp knife between the two lips the plate while holding the plate over the top so don't change positions.

So some tips to peel and chop the fruit. may be useful, look forward to the video which I will upload and embedded in this article.

Returns the color of the affected Clothes Fade from other clothing

Perhaps among readers there who have experienced her favourite clothes exposed to the color of the other clothes, it happened because we forgot to separate the plain clothing with colorful clothes, but if we know how to wash properly then it won't happen.

To remove stains clothes clothing color from lunturnya due to another is very easy, you only need to set up some stuff that's in the House and in an instant stain lunturpun will be lost, the following explanation:

materials needed:

Hot water

The process of removal of lunturan color:

Prepare the water approximately 2-3 liters. Then reheat to a boil.
Prepare a bucket, then enter one of the hand-held detergent into it. pour the hot water into a bucket and then stir it briefly so that the detergent mixed with water.
Enter tang clothing exposed to lunturan the color into the bucket, and let stand for about 1/2 hour.
Lift up the clothes and then dikucek briefly, wash as usual.

How To Operate The Washing Machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK

Washing machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK is a washing machine that has two tubes, one tube for washing and the other for drying/squeeze/spin (Spin-dry timer). existing features in the washing machine is almost the same as most washing machine of its kind, but there is one different i.e. washing machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK has a feature for a unique washing process, i.e. button/knop wash (wash timer) can we point to wash at once pause to soak.

So when we play on a certain position then there is a pause of the leaching process for a few minutes to soak, but to save time we can also skip this feature by turning the knop to position washer wash without immersing.

For more details let's follow his methods below,

water supplay selector
water supplay selector
the position of the wash
1. The first time you will be washing we recommend that you separate the first clothes that are white/light with dark. Connect the plug of the washing machine to the mains, make sure the button on the selector position supplay water wash. Rotate the selector in the position of button cycle Heavy or soft. Fill the washer with water tube clean with a hose pass through the sieve that is in the middle of the top of the washing machine.

2. once water is reasonably sufficient for the wash, combine the SOAP/detergent into the washing tubes and then stir by turning the wash button the timer to the right just a little, so that the detergent can be mixed evenly along the water.

Cycle selector
Cycle selectorposisi washing
3. Enter the clothes will be washed into a tube wash, and then close the tube, turn the timer to the wash knop right direction then let sit, the machine will stop automatically after the button back to the starting position, after which the former water washing can be disposed by turning the button the Cycle selector to the position of the drain. Here are some key functions the wash timer:

There are numbers like 15, 24, 33, 40, and 45 is the time it takes to process a wash in units of minutes.
The pictures of the dress with the soak is a process of submersion.
The pictures of the dress circle with the arrow is the process of leaching.

wash timer
Knop wash timer
When washing
4. After washing machine death by Auto, open the lid and then move the laundry washing tubes into tube dryer/spin, and then press-press washing so that there is no cavity which causes the rotation of the irregular spin, then attach the plastic locking the laundry into the spin tube. plastic locking the laundry washing in order to withstand the silent function in place so as to prevent the wash was thrown out when the spin tube is ignited.

5. turn the button spin dry the timer to the right, the numbers on the buttons indicate the length of drying time, further rounds of the longer button the drying process. According to experience, if the tube is full of laundry dryer then the button simply played on position 2.

Spin dry timer
Spin dry timer
off position
6. This is the first rinse process, just like the previous points, i.e. play button the cycle selector on the wash position. The contents of the tube washer with clean water, then enter the clothes that have dried. Rotary knop wash timer into the right direction. then follow the steps as in points 4 and 5.

7. at this point the process of washing, rinsing and drying are finished early, but if it is felt less, you can repeat the process as the steps above in order for the results of the laundry cleaner. At the end of the process of rinsing you can add fragrances of laundry washing to remove odors.

Cycle selector
Cycle selector
When disposing of used laundry water
So how to operate the washing machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK, may be useful.

Caring tips to keep Skin Durable Shoes

The shoe is one of the important fashion accessories are used, because the shoe has its benefits. Among the benefits of it are by wearing shoes then walk we will be protected from things that can harm the feet such as the exposed sharp objects, hot sun and others. In addition with the shoes, then the penampilaan will also improve.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of the shoe is so important that we take care of the shoes in order to function optimally. Caring tips below to keep durable leather shoes:

1. to prevent wrinkles or cracks that can tear the shoes then try adding a special coating so that the shoes do not change shape or RIP. You can also add layers on the heels of the shoe so that it is not easy to wear and not quickly broken, I recommend ask the shoe repair shoes or expert in workmanship.

2. Already a public secret when the leather shoes that easily exfoliate the outer part, that is because the condition of the layers of the skin that is too dry, to avoid the use of special lotion for leather shoes, leather boots with so you will be supple and to avoid flaky due to drought.

3. Once your shoes are well-maintained, so another important thing that needs to be diperhatiklan is in terms of storage, keep the shoes in a State, or in a container wrapped cartons, it is useful to prevent dust sticking on the outermost part of the shoe. Additionally peletakannyapun should avoid sunlight directly that can ruin leather shoes.

4. To avoid the growth of mold, occasional removable shoes and under-anginkan. Avoid storing the shoe on damp places.