Senin, 22 Agustus 2016

Again, Dinnerware Enamel So Favorites

Illustration, enamel Cups, [gb. Kaskus]
At the international exhibition of household appliances and gifts Zuchex in Jakarta on Friday 14/11/14, Dinnerware made of enamel which in the past was once popular now back with modification of colors and a favorite of the buyer.

According to Sales and Marketing Support Kedaung, Founda Anasita, Dinnerware made from enamel was produced from the beginning of 1969, but this year it was issued again with a bright and bold colorful without changing the shape of the product packed itself.

The price offered for products made from enamel Dinnerware. Bowls, cups, place the rice pot is sold at a price between Rp50 thousand to Rp80 thousand.

Operational Manager explains Novianti Laili Kedaung Dinnerware enamel material is secure, not easily broken, not easily eroded and its not easily wear off.

In addition this Enamel is also good for boiling herbal medication and meals, because bahanya are not easily eroded.

Kedaung household tools company is already 45 years old and have been exporting Dinnerware to 132 countries. In addition to selling Dinnerware made from enamel, Kedaung also sells Dinnerware made of porcelain and beling.

How, you terarik with this type of Dinnerware made from enamel? (Source: between)

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