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Whether 1 Can water pump for 2 houses?

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Probably due to the keeempat of the article then the question "Whether 1 Can water pump for 2 homes?" goes into this blog. Well done base-basinya ... now we discuss these questions.

Electric water pump that is commonly used in homes is to suck up water from the ground suck/either through dig wells or to drill wells for the use of private or for a home may not be a problem, but what if we want a pump that resides in the same well used to two houses?

In my opinion, when using one pump, one electric and used for two home then it doesn't become a problem, maybe the problem is the water flow settings are transmitted to the two outputs by using the tap.

But what if we have one pump, one well but electricity differently? Take the example of when we will share the water with the House next to the separate electrical meter, in this case to note is some things below:

When one House is not irrigated by pumps powering electricity sourced from her home then the whole faucet home must be in the closed state.
To facilitate the operation, use the slide switch that can move the position of the electricity that goes into the pump, so when the switch is moved to one of the power source one home then power source from home that would otherwise be lost.
When using the sliding switch is not possible, then you can set up two pieces of electrical outlet from each House (marked) cable from the machine, then install the plug. so when one of the home will light the water stayed put the plug into the outlet pump hers

Thus the article about "Whether 1 Can water pump for 2 homes?". With the way the above then separate electricity use according to who's turned it on.

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