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An easy way to peel and chop Garlic, Coconuts, Bananas and watermelons,

On impressions that described ways of cutting, peeling, some fruit for us sometimes is difficult. But after seeing the footage turned out to be a lot of ease if we know the trick. Here are some ways to peel and cut a buahan.

1. Peel the garlic without the knife

One seasoning Cook is widely used by mothers to add to the flavour of the dish. But sometimes we're lazy to peel his skin. To mengupasnya is easy, prepare 2 container such as a plastic made from either Bowl or metal/Tin. Then insert a few cloves of garlic into a bowl and cover with the other bowls. hold a second Bowl with two hands with a meeting and then shake-shake. So then with automatic skin onions will be chipped by itself

2. Peel a coconut shell without a machete
Coconut shell
Sometimes we are faced with a coconut fruit still attached to the skin batoknya, and usually the mothers living hand over this issue on the husband for peeled using a machete, when you've read this article then there is no longer a machete to peel the coconut shell. Did you know that Peel the coconut shell is easy? without golokpun can. First you have to prepare coconuts that already there is not sabutnya, then enter the coconut into the Freezer refrigerator that is usual for making ice, then let sit for 12 hours. Then remove it from the fridge, grab a hammer/mallet from coconut shells with a hammer, magic coconut shells will be detached from the flesh of the coconut fruit easily.

3. Cut the bananas without cutting her skin

Did you know that we can cut up the fruit ripe banana without Peel and cut off the Peel?

Banana susuSuatu moment you might need botongan bananas to make certain preparations, to do it is very easy, you only need a needle for hygienic melakukannnya.

First prepare a clean needle (can with soaking in hot water or alk0hol). then tusukkan into the skin of bananas. Move the needle to the transverse direction, do to some points as you need. Open the banana peels, then meat bananas will look already cuts.

4. Cut a few tomatoes into two parts in the same time.

Tomato fruit
To cut the tomatoes into two parts is not difficult. Prepare the dishes on the table then put some tomatoes on it. Cover with another plate, and then slice a tomato by inserting a sharp knife between the two lips the plate while holding the plate over the top so don't change positions.

So some tips to peel and chop the fruit. may be useful, look forward to the video which I will upload and embedded in this article.

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