Senin, 22 Agustus 2016

The Trade Ministry Stated the loom band Xing Long containing hazardous materials

Loom is a small rubber band colorful kitchen set malang which can be assembled into a variety of accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. This accessory much favored by children and teenagers, But it turns out that this accessory contains hazardous materials.

The Director General of the standardization and consumer protection Ministry of trade, Widodo said the fact the band loom products classified as accessories, costume jewelry, but in the field the product is considered to be children's toys because of the packaging that is colorful.

One of the brand i.e. Xing Long including. The Ministry of Commerce expressed the band loom accessories brand Xing Long contains ingredients harmful phthalate levels above the limit requirement so that it should be withdrawn from the market.

As reported by the of the loom band branded Accessories, Xing Long made of Phtalate, Phtalate is compounds that make plastic pliable, maximum levels of 0.1 per cent but in Xing Long simply applied 25.3154 percent, exceeding the threshold. So says Director General Standardization and consumer protection Ministry of Commerce Widodo at the Jakarta, Friday.

Band Loom materials containing Phtalate exposed to human body be bad for health, of which can impair the function and reproductive development, causes of cancer payud4ra, testicular cancer, autism and reduced sperm production, interfere with the function of the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, the formation of red blood cells as well as function and brain development.

Widodo menagatakan, the Ministry of Commerce had examined the eleven brands loom band consisting of accessories and rubber. Here are ten other brands that qualify the Trade Ministry laboratory tests:

Colourfull Loomband,
Colourfull endless flexible
Loomband Strawberries,
Monstertail rainbow loom,
Rainbow loom endless flexible,
Rainbow loom,
Rainbow loom by Choons Designs,
One product with the brand in China.

With the results obtained is expected the old orsng more selective against diverse accessory worn by his daughter's son.

Previous studies found that the band Loom accessories turned out to be a trigger for cancer. The results of tests conducted by the British Assay Office to see the purity of the substance, discovered that the entire band loom products contain harmful chemicals

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