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How To Operate The Washing Machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK

Washing machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK is a washing machine that has two tubes, one tube for washing and the other for drying/squeeze/spin (Spin-dry timer). existing features in the washing machine is almost the same as most washing machine of its kind, but there is one different i.e. washing machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK has a feature for a unique washing process, i.e. button/knop wash (wash timer) can we point to wash at once pause to soak.

So when we play on a certain position then there is a pause of the leaching process for a few minutes to soak, but to save time we can also skip this feature by turning the knop to position washer wash without immersing.

For more details let's follow his methods below,

water supplay selector
water supplay selector
the position of the wash
1. The first time you will be washing we recommend that you separate the first clothes that are white/light with dark. Connect the plug of the washing machine to the mains, make sure the button on the selector position supplay water wash. Rotate the selector in the position of button cycle Heavy or soft. Fill the washer with water tube clean with a hose pass through the sieve that is in the middle of the top of the washing machine.

2. once water is reasonably sufficient for the wash, combine the SOAP/detergent into the washing tubes and then stir by turning the wash button the timer to the right just a little, so that the detergent can be mixed evenly along the water.

Cycle selector
Cycle selectorposisi washing
3. Enter the clothes will be washed into a tube wash, and then close the tube, turn the timer to the wash knop right direction then let sit, the machine will stop automatically after the button back to the starting position, after which the former water washing can be disposed by turning the button the Cycle selector to the position of the drain. Here are some key functions the wash timer:

There are numbers like 15, 24, 33, 40, and 45 is the time it takes to process a wash in units of minutes.
The pictures of the dress with the soak is a process of submersion.
The pictures of the dress circle with the arrow is the process of leaching.

wash timer
Knop wash timer
When washing
4. After washing machine death by Auto, open the lid and then move the laundry washing tubes into tube dryer/spin, and then press-press washing so that there is no cavity which causes the rotation of the irregular spin, then attach the plastic locking the laundry into the spin tube. plastic locking the laundry washing in order to withstand the silent function in place so as to prevent the wash was thrown out when the spin tube is ignited.

5. turn the button spin dry the timer to the right, the numbers on the buttons indicate the length of drying time, further rounds of the longer button the drying process. According to experience, if the tube is full of laundry dryer then the button simply played on position 2.

Spin dry timer
Spin dry timer
off position
6. This is the first rinse process, just like the previous points, i.e. play button the cycle selector on the wash position. The contents of the tube washer with clean water, then enter the clothes that have dried. Rotary knop wash timer into the right direction. then follow the steps as in points 4 and 5.

7. at this point the process of washing, rinsing and drying are finished early, but if it is felt less, you can repeat the process as the steps above in order for the results of the laundry cleaner. At the end of the process of rinsing you can add fragrances of laundry washing to remove odors.

Cycle selector
Cycle selector
When disposing of used laundry water
So how to operate the washing machine SHARP ES-T85CR-VK, may be useful.

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